The List of Chickasaw Trails HOA’s Members Since Then & Flower Plant Be Called Weed

Who are they?
(Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors)
1995 – 2019 (24 years)

  1. Adams, Mark – 9 years (President: 2011 – present)
  2. Kuberiet, Wayne – 7 years (Director: 2013 – present, Vice President: 2016 – present)
  3. Aubin, Steve – 8 years (Vice President: 2012 – 2015, Director: 2016 – present, Secretary: 2017 – present)
  4. Jones, Yvette – 3 years (Director: 2017 – present, Treasurer: present)
  5. Woodlief, Benny – 2 years (Treasurer: 2018, Secretary: present)
  6. Parker, Faye – 5 years (Treasurer: 2013 – 2017)
  7. Banks, Harold – 6 years (Secretary: 2011 – 2016)
  8. Moore, Nancy (Treasurer: 2012)
  9. Bates, Jayne (Director: 2012)
  10. Beck, Tony – 2 years (President: 2009 – 2010)
  11. Rivera, Arcadio – 6 years (Director: 2006 – 2010, Treasure: 2011)
  12. Velez, Richard
  13. Guinn, John – 8 years (President: 2001 – 2008)
  14. Beck, Augustine T
  15. Tom, Danniel 
  16. Dugan, Jack
  17. Barton, Jeffry 
  18. Montefort, Joan
  19. Whissel, Michael
  20. Fussell, Debbie – 4 years (President: 1997 – 2000)
  21. Cohen, David
  22. Tillelli, Michael
  23. Feinauer, Gary
  24. Cohen, David
  25. Anklam, Fred
  26. Monte, Frank
  27. Slusher, Terry – 2 years (President: 1995 – 1996)

For details Chickasaw Trails HOA board’s members in year by year, check it out – Chickasaw Trails HOA Annual Reports

How comes a person can hold 2 positions at a time? I have the same question as you. According to Shawn Thornton, a manager/owner of Alpha Management Association firm, a person can allow to hold 2 positions at the same time. Why? She didn’t say why, but I think that maybe… double votes counting toward against a homeowner or homeowners.

Ha ha ha haaaaaa… I’m not sure how they count votes now, I just guessed so. I haven’t been in that board meeting since they said there were weeds in my dad’s landscape bed along a walkway and proved it to me with a flip-flop phone picture (amaryllis plants) taking from the driver seat through passenger side’s window and then through the sidewalk to a place far a long way from the road. That picture was taken to the frame size of passenger side’s window. I showed them the pictures and a video I just took before I left the house with my Canon digital camera but Mark Adams (the board’s president) said that not from my house (my dad’s property)… It didn’t matter how much I tried explaining to them… Shawn Thornton (the association’s manager/owner of the management firm) still kept strong saying those amaryllis plants were weeds. At that time, I was holding both my hands firm because I was kind a dizzy and shaken so bad. I was almost crying. My eyes were kind a cloudy, not seeing people clearly… I tried holding myself steady… how come they did that to me… in the United of America… in front of everybody… saying flowers/beautiful amaryllis were weeds… and then Mark Adams yelled out loud at me something likes shut up or be quiet or… I turned around and said sorry to him and he yelled out loud at me one more time.

At the end, in the second meeting of this matter, Shawn Thornton still said those flower plants were weeds. She also printed that picture to 8×11 size regular paper with a dot printer or something, but definitely not with a laser printer or a best photo printer. That picture was blurred and unable to see clearly because it was not enough pixels. She showed that picture to me and said something likes sorry ma’am, it’s weed it’s weed. I don’t remember exactly the phrase she said to me because I was shaking. That picture was also passed around to people in that meeting under a roof of a church.

Later, I think I was lucky. Lucky, I’m not a man, not a 6-foot tall guy, not an Asian guy… Luckily, they didn’t call a cop… I might get in jail because of defensing an amaryllis as a flower, not a weed, with a HOA board’s members and the board’s management manger/owner.

With the picture she showed to me, I could say “I don’t accept it” because it was nothing telling that picture was taking from my dad’s property. I can go around the internet finding a picture and cut/trim to a small size and then print it to a 8×11 size paper.

There were many people disagree about that and there was a homeowner standing out helping me in that meeting. I hope she is not getting any trouble with them because, as I know, they keep in mind who and who and give that person’s living property getting a hard time later. Many people in that meeting requested to change the management firm that day, but end up, she’s still there until now. How? why? I don’t know.