How to Obtain a Florida CAM License & New Graduate Opportunities

As everybody is known, almost every community/subdivision in Florida has HOA (Homeowner Association), we’re sure that there is a property management which manages the association from collecting money to paying out the fee…  Most of the time, the association is managed by a person who is supported to have a CAM licence (Community Association Manager). In order to have this job, he/she takes care a property which has more than 10 units and earns a compensation must have a CAM license. Lots of people thought that their property management managers are holding at least college degrees but all of us will be surprised and we can get one after reading entirely this post.  We believe that whoever got CAM licenses back then were far easier than today.  Anyway, if you want or plan to get a CAM license and then here are details how.

According to the Florida business licenses, the requirements for CAM license are

  • the applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time filling out the application.
  • the applicant must file a complete application which is cost $50.
  • the applicant must submit electronic fingerprints which is cost varies by vendor.
  • the applicant must complete 18-hrs CAM course which is cost varies by education providers.
  • the applicant must be of good moral characteristics.
  • the applicant must pass the state exam which is cost $73.

Other fees are $100 license and $5 unlicensed activity.

The total fee is $228 + finger print fee + 18-hrs course fee. Around less than $500, 18-hr class and a passing state examination, we have CAM licenses and can have chances managing 200 houses…

Here are Florida official information links.

  • Community Association Manager FAQ’s
  • Approved providers of pre-licensure for CAM.
  • CAM

Florida has at least half a million homeowner associations which are currently controlling everybody houses from house colors, landscapes, flowers, flower colors, grass, Christmas lights, fences, doors, chimneys, roofs… to views on beauty in the subdivisions where you, your siblings, your parents, relatives and friends living in 2013 and also is a state which has seen some of the largest increases in HOAs. So, CAM licenses are great opportunities to all Florida college graduates who haven’t found jobs yet. It seems a piece of cake to all of you and is cheaper than a cost of speeding ticket. So, get one for yourself.


  • “over half a million association in 2013”