Quotes Which People Say About HOA

Here are some great sentences which I have seen around the internet people saying or thinking about HOA:

The more than 2.6 million homeowners across Florida who are governed by an HOA have little recourse to fight back unless they hire an expensive lawyer.

Nobody watches over the HOA lawyers.

They (HOA lawyers) just do whatever they want … they strong-arm you.

condominium associations, cousins to HOAs

HOAs have the power to collect fees and place liens on homes when owners don’t pay up.

people are losing their houses over a brown patch in the yard

HOAs are like the Wild West of local governments.

That’s the injustice. Fines of a few hundred dollars are swelling to thousands all because of dying sod, paint that’s the wrong color or a month or two of unpaid dues.

HOA abuses need reform