A HOA’s Attorney Letter Demands My 71-Year Old Dad Paying $1700+

Today, a mailman stopped by our house and told us we have a certified mail. After a verbal verifying, he gave us a signature clip to sign. After returning it back to him, he gave us a certified letter. Giving a glance, we saw it came from an attorney’s office, new attorney office. We don’t know when did our HOA change the attorney; we have no clue, there were no communication about this matter from them and we were unable to attend their monthly meeting; soon, we’ll tell you why we don’t attend their meetings.

Let’s go back to a certified letter. Okay, we know for sure it was not a good news; mad, upset and heart attack might occur, so, we took deep breathes, quick closing eyes… Finally, it was ready to open. Boom, a collection of $1761.27 for our Homeowners Association. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?… $1761.27? for what? for what? for what? We don’t owe anything to them, we pay our annual fees on time every year. How come? how come? how is this happened again? Mannnn… we can’t control our tempers now; our faces (cheeks) and forehead turned hot, our eyes turned hot and heavily, our heads started hurting, our necks started pain, back of our heads started pain, then, our breaths were heavy and short… and then we could feel our heart had a little hurt, our hands were numbs/no feeling… We knew that our bodies were troubling, we sat down, closed our eyes and tried getting those stuffs away from our heads. For a while, we got better a little bit but those stuffs still hung around in our heads, we couldn’t get it away; even though, it’s still hanging around in our heads while we’re writing this post now.

Cheeeese, we knew it and prepared it before opening that letter, but, still, were unable to control our temper. Luckily, we’re people who can listen to our bodies so we can avoid strokes but still in bad mode. Also, we’re people who are able to know how to control our tempers even though in very bad situation. Can you image that if this happens to some people/some homeowners who are unable to control their tempers and/or have many stresses from works, schools, kids, bills, debts, sick, food on the table… then you might know what’ll happen. Those homeowners might have heart attacks/strokes, take guns/weapons, think about suicide or … Also, this might hit hard to elderly people, especially, who are in late 70’s and older.

Next time, if we receive another collection letter from HOA attorney’s office, we’ll record a video for you to see how the expression/temper will be changed. You never know, that video might be a proof for us to sue them if we would be getting strokes or die because of that harassment letter.

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