Florida Man’s Home… Foreclose… Tall Grass Fines

Tall grass fines lead city to foreclose on Florida man’s home
Updated: May 12, 2019 – 11:01 AM
Homeowner: Jim Ficken
City: Dunedin, Florida

What’s wrong with people?
Fine $500/day? Unbelievable… $30K for 10″ grass tall.

A 69-year old Florida man’s house is on the way to foreclose because of $30K fines which was fined on his grass grew a little too tall/taller than 10 inches. Can not believe it? They fined him $500 a day last summer. Can you believe it? $30,000 in unpaid code violation fines for just the grass height and going to take his house.

I don’t know what’s going on with the USA/Florida but taking a person’s house is not right at the first place. The house is a person’s penny life saving to have it.

We need the Bill(s) to protect the homeowners and special bill(s) to protect senior homeowners. If it’s not and happens like this again and again, then no one buys a house anymore… and seniors move away from the US; those will cause the big headache for the city, the state, the country… and lose a big $$$$$$.

If it’s happened something likes this, I rather live in the car than own a house. At least with a car, I can move around and live where able I am without living in the fear, frustration, mental impaired, heart attack,… of loosing my saving and/or die anytime.

Living likes an American old way is much better than and trues with the value of the word “freedom”.

Disclaimer: Above is what of my feeling/thinking about and I do not represent anyone.