HOA vs A Small Children Family Over Color of Backyard Play Set

Here is another interesting story about HOA in the United States.

A family with 2 little girls (8 and 5) is going to be sued by HOA, whom the family pay annual fee to maintain the community where their house is located. The issue is not a big deal, it just about a children backyard play set.  No, no, no… it is not about the play set but about its color “purple” with multiple purple colors…  The play set is already 2 years old.

For more information about this story, Ensz & Jester P.C. Attorneys At Law, Re Raintree Lake Property Owner Associations vs Jack and Marla Stout, go to

  • HOA thr eatens ‘j ail time’ for family over color of backyard play set

To those people who haven’t known what does the word “HOA” mean, then here is what it means:

  • HOA is stand for the word “Homeowners Association”, which is an association that supports to be standing up for homeowners when dealing with other entities…  The association forms a board and then the board hires property management company to take care payments, send out information and assign some businesses maintaining the common area in the community that is not owned by the homeowners, for examples, street light, entrance light, lawn,…  That’s what it’s to be but seem it turns around now and is no longer in meaning helping homeowners anymore but could destroy some homeowners life and finance.
  • All homeowners in the subdivision pay monthly, quarterly or yearly fees to maintain HOA.
  • HOA must have presidents, vice president, secretary,…
  • HOA has a lot power in most states in the United States.
  • HOA can sue homeowners for annual fees in some states.
  • HOA can lien people houses.
  • HOA can fine homeowners for things which are not violated especially to limited English speaking homeowners or non-English speaking homeowners.

In conclusion, HOA is a cool guy in the United States because HOA can fine anyone for any reasons, complaints any people properties, creates a new rule any time, has strong power taking people houses and is supported most legal system.  I’m going to be HOA in one day because it’s so cool…

My suggestions when we choose living in the community which has HOA.

  • Hire people taking care your property from A-Z, so you have receipts to prove when they bring you to court or lien your house for things like dirty, lawn,…
  • Always take pictures around your property, so you have photos to back up yourself in case they bring you to the court or lien your property…
  • Never never give photos of your property to them, they would dig out something from there.
  • Okay, I’m going to add more when getting new ideas…