Voices About HOA

At Homeowners win versus HOA in battle to save trees (https://youtu.be/Xh8HqQDS91Y)
I think the point here is not about money but about right or wrong especially homeowner rights. Living in HOA community nowadays, sometimes, becomes nightmares. If a homeowner has no problem with HOA today, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the near future. (05/14/2019)

At HOA dispute takes center stage on front lawn of Loveland home (https://youtu.be/WXx-5Urn4Ls)
HOA targets my dad’s house. Then their lawyers sent threaten letters asking him to pay. We told them he does not owe them anything, none of them they said is true… they added more and more from $180+ and now $1700+. Now they are suing him asking for money damage. They filled the suit with 43 pages. It’s nightmare to live in HOA community now…(05/14/2019)

At Couple heads to court in HOA late fee case (https://youtu.be/5Opc2AGaoYE)
When you’re on their target, they’ll figure out million things to attack you. It happens to my dad and now they sue him for money damage which he doesn’t owe them at all or violate anything. He paid his annual fees on time every year but they charged him late fees and he paid them without questioning.(05/14/2019)

At Homeowners fight over gravel walkway (https://youtu.be/K_5Gs5QTwkE)
Add to the list of Isaac Kamau, when they tell you it’s a weed and then it’s a weed. They called my dad’s property to sue in the meeting. I was in the back at the wall, they didn’t know I was there. I asked them why and then they brought stuffs up and I proved all to them; finally, they said his yard still had weeds: there were weeds in the landscape bed. I told them, there was no way having weeds there, even one of them because I checked and made sure everything. They showed me a picture of what they said weeds which turned out they are amaryllis plants. I told them those are flower plants and only bloom once a year around April/May; but finally end of 2 meetings, they still pinned/nailed it in my face those amaryllis plants are the weeds. That weed picture was taken from a flip flop phone. They still don’t remove the attorney’s fee for my dad. Their lawyers sent many threaten letters asking my dad to pay… and now, they sue him asking for money damage . We just got court paperwork today. That’s one of million things going on when you live in HOA community.(05/15/2019)

At Battle between homeowner and HOA over truck could lead to foreclosure (https://youtu.be/W1nEW9YlZHU)
Are we living in the United of American anymore?

What am I thinking? Here is what am I thinking right now: I’m thinking that our country, US/USA, must be careful… someone/some groups might be trying to destroy our lovely country away from the word/the value/the true/the real “FREEDOM” which many people have died/sacrificed for us to have a freedom place/liberty land to live.