Chickasaw Trails HOA and The Association’s Management Firm & Attorney Want Elderly Homeowners Loose Their Homes???

Do Chickasaw Trails HOA, board members, a property manager, the association’s law firm and attorney want elderly homeowners loose their homes? Is it real? I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can lay out all details of the matter of my dad’s case for you to see and you make your own conclusion.

I don’t really know where to start. Let’s me start right after the Chickasaw Trails HOA’s attorney firm, DHN | Attorneys, sent my dad an letter asking him to pay $1700+ for something which is not belong to my dad last October. My dad’s property is always compliance with Chickasaw Trails HOA, even though, sometimes, they complained him for things which were not violated, my dad went out to double check things or did as for them to please. Days after days, they did to him worse and worse.

Let’s me back to an attorney’s letter. I sent an email to the property manager, Shawn Thornton*, asking what is it about because we did discuss and debate** in the meetings 2 years ago, none of my dad’s violations, which they said so, was belong to him? She said… and I asked her showing us the picture(s) where did my dad’s property was failed… Finally, she was stuck and said that she doesn’t talk to me anymore because I’m not an owner and told me telling my dad contacting their attorney because it is not in their hands anymore. Is it a lie? I think everyone has the answer, I don’t need to say. I was really upset that time because my dad’s property is always compliance with their guidelines. They complained him for things which were not necessary to waste our community money like stamps, letters, inks, certificate mails***, attorneys’ fees… That’s the money of everybody who is living in Chickasaw Trails subdivision; it’s not a personal money of a property manager or an attorney or a board member or board members and is not money of a law firm.

Then, last month, someone from the association’s attorney firm named Crystal Maier (Law Clerk), contacted me through my email, which I was used to talk with Shawn Thornton only, saying that was the fee of violation back in 2010. Oh, I got another big upset. Now, they dug back to 2010 and didn’t say what is it about. After I asked them to prove us with the picture(s) for those recently years, they dug back to 2010. Okay, that’s fine to me, we can handle that… then their attorney, Ryan Fong, replied back to my email with many threaten things. We told the attorney Ryan Fong that the property is always compliance; if they want us to pay them then give us the proof(s) where the property was failed so we know what we are paying for or they force us to pay. Also, there was a mention/remind him in the email that the owner is an elderly. If they don’t have the proof(s), they need to remove the fee immediately… Since then, they don’t send us anything to prove that the property was failed the association’s compliance so we can pay. Now, they sue my dad. So far, we don’t know what they are suing him about; we’re still waiting.

Okay, now let’s go to the court to solve the problem; otherwise, they wait until my dad turns 80/90/100’s years old and dig back the violation (they said so) back when my dad was 50 years old.

I have plenty of proofs to prove my dad’s property is always compliance. I really want to show to all of you right now, but as you see, they always dig out/search/sneak out for a small/tiny thing which they said that is a violation. I have to keep all of them for our personal protection right now, I’ll show them to the judge for a justice.

I’m wondering how many people in our community are suffering right now. Our community has many elderly homeowners who purchased the brand new houses back in 1990 for peaceful retirement lives. Recently, many of them were gone forever due to old ages and sickness. Also, there are some elderly people had financial struggles and/or moved out because of the attacking of the association (HOA). Right now, as I know, there are still many elderly homeowners and/or non-English speaking homeowners or limited English speaking homeowners in this subdivision. Sorry, I/we can’t not help them because we’re unable to help ourselves.

*Shawn Thornton. Who is she? She is our subdivision association’s management firm manager and is the manager/owner of Alpha Association Management LLC which was filed with the State of Florida on 07/16/2014. Under my eyes, she has many powers in our association. Our board president, Mark Adams, listens and believes every words she says and the rest of homeowners’ words/voices are wrong and not trustful. At couple times, I was witness she argued with other homeowners out loud and then he yelled at the homeowners. I rarely attend the meeting, but every time I attend the meeting I always witnessed somethings which I don’t really want to especially when the meeting is hosted under the roof of the church. To me, church/temple is where for people to worship, calm down… not a place to argue, fight, lie or try to ruin people life and financial. At many points, many homeowners requested to change the association’s property manager before she & board directors ruined our large chunks of asset money without explanation… and finally, she is still there until now. What are their real/true relationship? I don’t know.

**debate – that’s the language of our board’s president, Mark Adams, uses in the meeting, “come and debate…”, but to me it is not a right debate, it’s an official trapping the homeowners to pay the fees for what they [the homeowners] are not violation. I’ll tell you all what I know how
our property manger and board members officially force homeowners to pay for not their violations and suppose not to pay as every other people sitting in the back are helpless even though we know those are completely wrongdoing.

***certificate mail – it costs the association a lot of money. Every time I mailed letter back to the association’s lawyer. It cost me almost $10 with a signature; I don’t really remember exactly how much.

This is a draft. I’ll continue/add more information later.