Weird Things Happen When The Neighbors in Making Decisions

You know what? It kinds a weird. At the time when all neighbors are going making a decision about the association, there are some abnormal things happen around the neighbors. For examples, there are lot dog pooh on the grass and on the sidewalk at the common area. Someone drives car around the neighbors in the subdivision with noise noise noisy, very very very very loud from the entrance to the end of the subdivision and back out. That car/driver is not belong in the neighbors. Let’s me tell you a really story.

Recently, as I known, many my neighbors are mad/very upset about the HOA, the board members and the property manager but they (neighbors) don’t say anything and we’re in making decision whether keeping the HOA/the current property manager or not. Suddenly, a car with a big exhaust drove into the subdivision around the neighbors. Today around 2:50 p.m., I sit in my house with the back door open, I could hear it very clearly, it was very loud. That car run from the entrance and sounded like the driver pushed the accelerator very hard/fast, it must be far above 25 mph limited.  All dogs in neighbors barked loud.  I heard he/she drove to the end of my house’s phrase and backed out; drove to other phases and backed out; then drove away and never came back. This is not the first time happening; my ears witnessed at least three(3) times already. The first time was last year (2016) in the early spring and around this time.  The second time was late last years (2016) when I was in the backyard shooting a video about my beautiful flowers and garden bed. Right after this incident happens, we received an annual payment letter from the HOA with the increasing and the reason why was it increased; the reason was claiming on the neighbors not themselves (HOA). As I known, they never accept their mistakes or wrong doing… We’re not only paying higher fee this year but we’ll also continue paying higher fee next coming years. Oh, not only that, they said they have to take part of money from the reserve to cover up and then we have to fill back in the coming years.

Let’s talk a little bit history about the subdivision where I live. The subdivision where I live has more than 200 houses and 4 phrases. I sit at my house and heard it clearly and you can imagine how loud was it. Also, most of the neighbors are seniors and they’re far above senor line. I mean most of them are in late 70’s and early 80’s. They came here and bought the houses in early 1990’s when the subdivision started building the houses.  Don’t ever think they’re old and they abandon their houses.  No, they keep their properties very clean and neat.  The only problem is they don’t fight back or love to fight/argue; that’s why someone takes advantages on them from business to HOA board members/volunteers and property managers in indirect ways.